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Racha Islands

scuba diving racha islands phuket thailand

Racha Yai is the nearest of Phuket diving sites and offers local year round scuba diving in Thailand.
The beautiful and shallow bays of Racha Yai are known for both clear water and colorful coral formations.

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Phi Phi Islands

bida islands phi phi diving phuket thailand

The island group of Phi Phi and Bida Islands is well recognized all over the world as a great dive destination. It can really live up to its name through the spectacular scenery and diverse marine life.

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Shark Point & King Cruiser

king cruiser wreck diving phuket thailand

On the 4th of May 1997 the 85 meter long passenger ferry ’King Cruiser’ sank during a transfer to Phi Phi Island. The ferry hit the well charted “Anemone Reef” and today she rests on the sea floor at a depth of 30 meter.

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